Holy Land – Day 5: Bertie and Me

I shuffled out of my tent-room as the morning light began to brighten the eastern sky.  A hush engulfed our groggy group as we shuffled through the camp and out into the dryness of the desert.

Bertie and I noticed each other immediately, eyes catching from across the crowd awaiting us for our morning adventure.  Of course, Bertie was coy and pretended that I was nothing special.   For me, I couldn’t help be drawn to her colorful adornments and accouterments. Continue reading

Holy Land – Day 1: Taking Flight

This is the first of several posts to come about my recent and first-ever trip to the Holy Lands of Jordan and Israel.  I’ve been trying to decide if I should just hit the high points of the trip, or to give a more complete chronology.

I decided that a chronology will work best for me personally, as a journal of this wonderful pilgrimage.  So bear with me.  I won’t be offended if you skip over parts you find boring.

Continue reading