Holy Land – Day 5: Bertie and Me

I shuffled out of my tent-room as the morning light began to brighten the eastern sky.  A hush engulfed our groggy group as we shuffled through the camp and out into the dryness of the desert.

Bertie and I noticed each other immediately, eyes catching from across the crowd awaiting us for our morning adventure.  Of course, Bertie was coy and pretended that I was nothing special.   For me, I couldn’t help be drawn to her colorful adornments and accouterments. Continue reading

Holy Land – Day 4: Camping Bedouin-style


We ended Day 4 of our pilgrimage Bedouin-style with an overnight stay at Captain’s Desert Camp on the fringe of Wadi Rum.  This desert camp of tents, some individual and some multi-room, was perched at the base of a large outcrop of rock.  An oasis of sorts, complete with palm trees, it offers an interesting type of accommodation quite different from the fine hotels we had been staying in. Continue reading