About the Bird

We have one cool bird here in Oklahoma.  It’s pictured in the header of this blog and it’s called the scissortail flycatcher.

The state bird of Oklahoma, it is depicted on the reverse of the state’s commemorative quarter.  It’s a favorite around here, but a bit hard to see sometimes.  It likes wide open spaces.

You can learn more about it here.  There are also several Youtube videos you can look at.    This one isn’t bad.

However, the bird is most impressive in flight which is very difficult to film due to the incredible acrobatics they employ while hunting insects.

The image in the header is one I took a few years ago at the University of Tulsa Newman Center.  A pair of scissortails nested next to a large parking lot and took great advantage of the swarms of moths drawn to the bright lights at night.

Here are a few more shots I took back then.

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