“Here is some sky for you!”

A special shoutout to my great friend Matthew.   Not only is he at the top of the Mail of Fame leader board, having sent me THREE separate pieces of mail, but one of them included a gift that anyone from the American Southwest would appreciate.

Matthew noted my lamentations in an earlier post where I complained about the lack of open vistas and views of the horizon here at St. Fidelis.

Matthew sent me The Sky.  Or something almost as good, actually.

In the mail, I received  the January 2013 edition of New Mexico Magazine, a fine magazine that extolls the virtues of his and my native state.

Matthew tagged a two-page spread showing a wide open panorama of the Los Piños Mountains in New Mexico’s Socorro County.  The note reads, “Here is some sky for you.”

Thank you Matthew!  I can almost see the jackrabbits and the rolling clouds and smell the piñon wood smoke in the winter air.



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