Of Flowers and Spiders

I had a bit of free time this Sunday afternoon, so I thought I would wander around the school grounds with my camera and see if I could capture some decent shots of flowers.    I’ve always struggled with getting them focused the way they should, so I thought the practice would do me good.

Here’s what I came up with, including a couple of the scary creatures keeping watch near the orchid gardens.  (Sorry, they’re not blooming at the moment)

I hope you enjoy them!  They came at the cost of being relentlessly hounded by some really annoying bugs.

14 thoughts on “Of Flowers and Spiders

  1. Lovely pictures, Steve! Are you trying to scare Capt Jeff and Fr Roderick (two known arachnophobes) with those spider pictures? LOL! I really love how colourful everything is, including the spiders! 😉 Thanks for sharing these with us! x

  2. Nice photos, and despite the fact that the spider photos make my skin crawl, they are pretty! Especially the translucent yellow one. But I don’t think I would have your courage to get that close to them!

    • Well, I did see one snake – we think it was going after a mouse in one of the student dorms. It crawled up into the ceiling, never to be seen again.

      Of course, that means I don’t go there anymore. 🙂

      One of the endearing things about Papua New Guineans is that they dislike snakes as much as I do.

      If another snake happens by, I’ll see if I can get a picture of it. With a zoom, of course …

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