Baseball & Aliens

I spent two days last week in Dallas working on arrangements for the upcoming Catholic New Media Conference.    

While there, I had the opportunity to attend a Texas Rangers baseball game at the stadium next door.  I’m not the most knowledgeable baseball fan, but I do look forward to at least one professional baseball game each summer.

It was a nice evening and an enjoyable start to the game.  Texas Rangers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks.  Neither are my team, but this is baseball, so who cares?

A few innings into the game, this storm showed up.  It was a bit angry at not being invited to play.  It decided to rain off and on for awhile, dropping some lightning and hail just to concern the stadium folks.

This crazy tarp showed up all of a sudden, so it was a sign to go in search of dollar hot dogs.  You see, it was Dollar Hot Dog Night.  Five was the limit, which was five too many when it comes to dollar hot dogs.

Play resumed after the angry storm moved off.  Everyone was glad, except for the grounds crew which had to spread all that fresh dirt in the infield so it wasn’t muddy for the players.

That was when the alien ship from “Independence Day” showed up.  They had the best seat in the house and were much talked about by the fans.

The aliens stuck around for awhile but when the Air Force didn’t come and attack, they got bored.  From what I hear, they moved over to Grapevine, Texas and dropped big chunks of ice on people’s houses.  Not what I call fun, but I’m not an alien.

The game continued, the Rangers eventually won the game in the last 2 innings, which was nice.  If you look closely, though, you can see that the pitcher was a little bit sad that the aliens left.

Eventually, all the people wearing red, white or blue shirts were told to go home.  The bright yellow people didn’t know quite what they were supposed to do, so they walked up stream just to be different.

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    • We do get our fair share of interesting storms. You’d think that people would get concerned when that storm showed up over the stadium, but people weren’t going anywhere while there were still hot dogs to be had.

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