Walkabout: Downtown Tulsa

That little switch flipped inside my head this morning.
You know … the one that tells you that you had better step away from the computer before some other more serious circuit breaker pops.
Yeah, that one.

So, to get away from the house totally, I grabbed my camera and decided to just go on a walkabout somewhere and take whatever photos appealed to me in a given moment.

OK, I stopped for Asian food first, but then I found myself in downtown Tulsa.  My last corporate job was downtown (you’ll see the building, it’s a scaled down version of the World Trade Center towers.  Seriously), so I know the area very well.

Many of its buildings date from the heydays of the oil era when all sorts of tycoons worked downtown and built classical art deco buildings.  Other buildings are more modern, and others are showing the decay that comes from having outlived more prosperous times.

I didn’t nearly cover all of downtown, just parts of the south, east, and north sides.  There are other gems in the western part for another time.

So, here are my random shots.  If any of them pique your interest and you’d like to know more about them, just leave me a comment.