7 Thingy Thing

— 1 —

This is my first attempt at this 7 thingy thing.  If I’m really bad at it, you can blame Maria at “Another Cup of Coffee“.  She’s urged me to do this from time to time.  If I’m lucky, I might actually beat her to the “Publish” button this week.

— 2 —

We’ve had 5-7 inches of rain this week in Tulsa, following a drought that began a year ago.  It’s been glorious!  The air has that crisp cleanliness of spring and my weeds are doing just fine, thank you.   Time to tune-up the lawn mower and start the Zyrtec regimen.

— 3 —

Income taxes.  Ugh.  We’re approaching the red zone for the filing deadline.  I call it the red zone because until I join the ranks, I’ll have to endure all the Facebook posts and tweets of the folks who get theirs finished before I do.  I don’t like feeling like a slacker.

— 4 —

I just finished the “A Quick Journey Through the Bible” portion of the The Great Adventure Bible study program offered through my parish.  I highly recommend this series of studies.  It will not make you a bible scholar or theologian (Jeff Cavins refers to it as a “helicopter flight over the Bible”), but if you’re like me and have trouble maintaining any private study of the Bible, this program will keep you moving along and give you more reasons to participate in the community life of your parish.  I encourage you to look for it at a church in your area.  One of them is undoubtedly doing a portion of it.

— 5 —

Do you live in Tulsa? Have you always wanted to learn some piano?  Check out Megan’s Piano Lessons.  I’ve been taking from Megan for two months and she’s been able to get this old dog to do new tricks, better than any of her predecessors.  The method she’s using really seems to work for me and I’m having great fun with it.

(Hint:  She gives lessons over Skype too!)

Sorry, no plans to release a CD any time soon.

— 6 —

My aunt says that we have gypsy blood in our veins.  Everyone in my family has an insatiable love of traveling and I’m fortunate to have visited many parts of Europe and Central America.  I’m pretty much ready to drop everything at a moment’s notice and hit the road.  I’m pretty antsy at the moment to head west somewhere.

I’ve recently become a fan of the website “BootsnAll – One-stop Indie Travel Guide.”  They regularly torment me (in a good way) with all sorts of interesting travel ideas.  The post I saw today has me itching for a trip to central Europe.   So much of the world left to see!

— 7 —

Umm … how did I do?

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