Gumbo and Haiti Talk

Last night, I was privileged to attend a dinner hosted by the pastor of my parish, Fr. Jack.  The event was a meeting of FIAT (Faith in Action Team), the name given to our Haiti mission group.

Fr. Glenn Meaux, pastor of the SOLT Mission in Kobonal Haiti (see my mission blog at is making his yearly visit to our parish.

The purpose of the meeting/dinner was twofold.

First, to get the members of the mission team preparing to visit the mission in November together.  There is much work still to be done to pull off this particular trip, and it was important for them to meet Fr. Meaux.

Second, to sample the gumbo that Fr. Meaux prepared.  Being from Louisiana, he is adept at preparing gumbo and other Cajun cuisine.

It was fine fare, along with grilled asparagus, potato salad, bread pudding and pecan pie.  Coupled with a little red wine and ample talk about mixing cement, making bricks and building houses, it was a solid 3-Napkin dinner.

I’m not planning to make this November trip to Haiti, but the one scheduled for the end of February is definitely calling my name.