Ubiquitous Pen Cup

We all have them.

The ubiquitous pen cup.

Mine is a nifty ceramic cup that I bought in Mexico City, near the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacan.  But that’s another story …

Tell me, are you’re just like me, or am I a bit to obsessive?

You see, even though I have several nice pens to choose from in this convenient cup on desk, there is only one pen that I really want to use.  So, I will paw through the contents of this cup until I find the one pen.

It may have something to do with being left-handed.  Finding a good pen for left-handed writing is not as easy as it seems.  You righties out there have the luxury of pulling your pen across the paper.  Since we lefties push our pens, a sharp fine pointed pen will often dig into the paper, making for very poor penmanship and a higher level of frustration.

A proper left-handed pen, in my opinion, will glide smoothly over the page when pushed.

My current favorite?  Pilot G-2 10pt (Medium), blue ink.  I accept them as gifts, just so you know.

I know I should just get rid of the other pens in the cup and only stock the G-2.  That just seems too wasteful to me.

Can I send them to you?

One thought on “Ubiquitous Pen Cup

  1. I am actually drawn by the ubiquitous bottle of ibuprofen on your desk.

    Because evidently, it’s the story of our lives.

    your pal,

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