Ladder Epiphany

Yesterday, I fell off a ladder.  Yep.

I felt really foolish, but luckily it was a short fall and I wasn’t injured in the slightest way.

At least I learned something I never knew.

I am in the process of painting the outside of my house.  It has needed it for quite some time, but the recent repairs done after the BIG TREE fell on my roof last May has necessitated the project before winter comes.

Being predominantly left-handed, my left arm and wrist have been taking the brunt of the workout as I slowly make my way around the house, paint brush in hand.

So yesterday, I thought I would see if I could make my lazy right arm do its share of the work.  Bad idea it turns out.

Who knew that working left handed most of my life has  developed a certain muscle memory when it comes to balance.  Ladders have never been my favorite playground, so it was a surprise to learn that my sense of balance immediately departed as I tried to accomplish the simple task of slapping on some paint right armed/handed.  That was the first mistake.

The second mistake was doggedly trying to overcome this deficiency while standing several feet above ground level.

No harm done.  Lesson learned.  Mr. Lazy Right Arm will have to do his share of the work only when both feet are firmly planted on the ground.

How much longer til winter?