Catholic Photo Challenge #4: Sign of Fidelity


I was having a tough time coming up with a theme for this photo challenge when I ran across an article written by my bishop, Most Reverend Edward Slattery, Bishop of Tulsa, in the latest issue of the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic, our diocesan magazine.

In this article, Bishop Slattery wrote about the importance of a diocese’s cathedral in the life of the Church.

“Because Christ is present in [a cathedral] as the seat of the Bishop, the place where he teaches and thus mother Church of the Diocese, the cathedral becomes a sign of fidelity of Christ.  Could we not even go so far as to identify the cathedral as the source or headwater of the innumerable graces that flow like a mighty river from Christ into the lives of all those who live in Communion with Him?”

Built originally as Tulsa’s first parish, the Cathedral of the Holy Family of Nazareth is a wonderful church, a true treasure for our city and all Catholics in eastern Oklahoma.  I love going there, especially for the big celebrations that are of importance to the whole diocese.  You can see some photos of the church at this link.  Here are a couple to get you going.

Bishop Slattery called a cathedral “a sign of fidelity of Christ” and “a promise of His continued graciousness.”   That started me thinking about other signs of fidelity that we have or use in our own personal lives of faith.     What around you reminds you of the covenant promises made to us by God, through Christ?  Perhaps in your mind’s eye you are reminded of a person who exhibits great Christian fidelity.  Maybe there’s a particular place or church that gives you encouragement in your own discipline.  How about the rosary of a dear friend or relative, or a sacred image passed down from generation to generation, kept not only as a remembrance of that person but as a sign of all that is greater than ourselves.

I can think of several such things that bolster me and give me consolation and strength.  One such place is the chapel of the Newman Center where I once worked.  It’s one of my favorite places in the world and a place where I prayed almost daily for 10 years.   The crucifix over the altar is particularly special to me.  Many a conversation with God have I had before it.


For this challenge, show us an image that represents “a sign of fidelity of Christ” and the graces we receive because of that fidelity.

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