Information about the Catholic Photo Challenge

Hello!  Are you interested in the Catholic Photo Challenge?

Here’s the idea:

1.  Since the challenge topics I have in mind may take some time and thought to achieve, each challenge will initially run for two weeks.  A new challenge will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month.

2. The challenge works best if you have a blog where you can post your photo, along with a description.   The plugin I’m using to manage this also supports Instagram.  (Click here for more information).  Other sites may work as well if you can get a direct link to your photo and associated comments.

3.  Each challenge will be based on some aspect of the Catholic faith.  You are free to submit any photo that you believe best represents the theme.  It’s totally up to you!  You can submit any photo that you’ve taken in the past, or that you’ve taken specifically for this challenge.   In your post, tell us why you chose this particular photo.  (I reserve the right to moderate any and all submissions to keep the trolls and naysayers at bay)

4.  For a hashtag or tag for use on Twitter, etc. , use #catholicphoto

5.  The posting method described below is similar to the one that you may have seen on Jennifer Fulwiler’s “Seven Quick Take Friday” posts.  It’s pretty easy to figure out.

If you have suggestions for other methods for this type of link-up, or ideas for future challenges, please drop me a note on the blog’s Contact form or email