Tulsa, My Tulsa!


So many of my close friends have never visited Tulsa, the city that always draws me back from wherever I’ve wandered.  Here’s a promo video that I recently encountered that will give you a taste of this, the classiest part of Oklahoma.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters



The challenge this week from dailypost.wordpress.com is to share a post with letters.  I knew what I wanted to capture, but it took a few days for the weather to cooperate.

For as long as I can remember, most likely my entire life, I’ve seen the Public Service Company power plant lit up at night, as you see above.  Perched alongside the Arkansas River  in the middle of the city, it’s hard to miss. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

I may have to try this one a couple of times.  It’s an intriguing assignment!  This week’s photo challenge from dailypost.wordpress.com is called “Threes”.


If you want to try a three-picture story, great! If not, try three images of the same subject taken from different perspectives, three images of the same thing at different times, […]”

For this post, I’ve chosen one of Tulsa’s most iconic symbols, “The Golden Driller”, a large statue at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds (aka Expo Square) which recounts the city’s storied past as the “Oil Capital of the World.”  The three photos above show the Driller from different perspectives.  It doesn’t exactly tell a story, but he’s pretty stoic and taciturn, so you get what you get.