This may seem a bit weird, but I guess I’ve turned into an amateur birder of sorts.   While working up at my family’s lake cabin today, I caught site of several new birds flitting from tree to tree.

Although they were singing joyfully (queedling?) , they were rather shy and hard to approach.  I managed to get a shot of one of them high up in the trees.   I’m glad that I had my good camera with me, or cropping it down to what you see above would have been impossible.

Lo and behold, these are Eastern Bluebirds!  My grandmother told me once many years ago that these were her favorites but I’ve never seen any before.   I’m really glad that these little guys came to hang out today.  It was quite fun watching them.

You can see better photos and learn more about these guys at

The plans for nesting boxes that I found here look pretty easy.  I may have to build a couple and see if anyone moves in.




3 thoughts on “Bluebirds

  1. Easy to build and put up. Get them up soon, they’re beginning to nest. Be sure and put a baffle on the pole to keep snakes out. Had eggs eaten by one once. My purple martins finally returned this week, from they’re long journey from Brazil!

    • Cool! I think people have been seeing the purple martins around here too. Today is supposed to be a wash-out weather wise. A good day to make a couple of boxes.

  2. Bluebirds are lovely and how cool that you got to spend time with your grandmother’s favorites. I love catching sight of the various birds on my walks in our park and neighborhood, but I have to say my photography efforts don’t quite match yours!

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