Tweet Musing – Holy Family Cathedral


In an effort to find more inspiration for blogging, I thought I would try something new.  A little reflective musing on something that I find in my Tweetdeck timeline.

A foggy morning here in Tulsa, this tweet came from James Aydelott, a meteorologist at Fox 23 TV.  It shows the cross tips of Tulsa’s tri-spired Holy Family Cathedral standing above the mist in downtown Tulsa.

I’ve often thought about these three spires.  I don’t recall seeing any other churches with three spires, but it makes sense for a cathedral dedicated to the Holy Family – two smaller spires for the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, and a third, mightier than the others, representing Christ, positioned over the altar and main sanctuary of the church.

Monsignor Paul Tighe, at the recent Catholic New Media Conference, held in Boston, spoke about the Church’s long history of using beauty in the forms of music, art, stained-glass, and architecture to teach about the faith.

I’d say that this beautiful, but somewhat unknown, cathedral is a fine example of that.  Not only is it spired, but it’s inspired. (!)

If you’d like to get a sense of the beauty of this cathedral, have a look at this slideshow of photos taken during the first-ever Solemn Pontifical High Mass celebrated in our diocese.  The celebrant is our local ordinary, Bishop Edward Slattery.

betrayal of judas

Betrayal of Judas

The cathedral has some fine stained glass windows too.  One that often catches my attention is called “The Betrayal of Judas.”   In this depiction, I often reflect how Judas had to embrace Jesus while giving him the kiss of betrayal.

Gosh, how often do we do that too?





holy family

Holy Family Cathedral