Mango i go

Br. Jim and Br. Alois are back with another tree cutting job at St. Fidelis Seminary.  The friary’s cook, Marcus, started to be concerned about a large mango tree hovering over his family’s house.  Large trees, especially very old and very large mango trees, fall frequently and without warning in the thin soils along the PNG coast.

Br. Jim and Br. Alois decided to tackle the problem and to bring the tree down safely, before it fell down and caused real problems.

The tree, like almost every tree in PNG, was infested with my Formic nemeses – the infamous red/yellow coconut tree ants.  As Br. Alois put it, “There were millions and trillions and billions of ants.” He wasn’t too far off in my opinion.

And they were not happy when their towering demesne came crashing down.

Mango i go from Steve Nelson on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Mango i go

  1. You just love to torture us with pix those ants! And, now a video!!!

    Seriously, they did a fine job cutting down the tree. Will it supply the seminary’s kitchen with firewood for a while? Well, once the ants have moved out.

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