Work Parade

Here’s another short video, called “St. Fidelis Work Parade.”

Several times each week, the students divide themselves into various work groups and help with the care and maintenance of the school campus.

Groups include housekeeping, chapel crew, library crew, grass cutting, flower gardens, fruit gardens, vegetable gardens. (Word has it that the vegetable crew is the most popular since they get to eat the fruits of their labor.)

“Work Parade” seems to be a term used in many schools where the students are expected/asked to help with upkeep.

For the most part, I think the guys look forward to these work periods (even though some days are very hot).  It gets them out of the classroom and gives them time for one of their favorite activities – telling stories to each other.


Fidelis Work Parade from Steve Nelson on Vimeo.

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  1. Steve,

    I’ve had to slow down these new videos and watch them at 1/4 speed. Now that you are uploading them with high-speed internet they just run at such a faster rate.

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