Weekly Sports

I thought I would give uploading a video another try, keeping it short and sweet this time.

Wednesdays are Sports Day at St. Fidelis.  Time for the students to take a break from their studies and blow off a little steam.  From 2-4 pm, the students, divided into 4 teams, rotate through various sports.

Last week, they played basketball and volleyball.  With video camera in hand, I recorded a few minutes of each sport, to give you a taste.  You’ll see how they enjoy playing, even with no coaching and very little in the way of equipment.  The sound of flip-flops on the basketball court will certainly catch your attention, rather than the squeak of sneakers as you’d expect.

This week, the sport was soccer – a game they would much rather play.  Next week, the king of their sports – rugby.  I’ll have camera in hand then as well, and will post another snippet as soon as time and internet allows.

So, here is a very rudimentary couple of minutes of sports at St. Fidelis.  Enjoy!




A Snippet of Weekly Sports at St. Fidelis Seminary in Madang, Papua New Guinea from Steve Nelson on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Sports

  1. Very nice, Steve! You know, for some of us, “flip-flops” as you call it *is* the only shoe to wear on the basketball court! 😀

    Thanks for sharing this video with us.

    • At St. Fidelis, there are just the two CapCorps volunteers – Nate Johnson and me. We heard that there’s another man teaching philosophy in the seminary up in the Highlands, but we haven’t met him.

  2. Well, I would just like to say that those folks definitely play basketball and soccer much, much, much better than Matthew Pepper. That should help their confidence when we arrive to play some sports with yall.

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