I had to resort to this …

I’m incredulous that I had to resort to this.  I mean the note.

The office where I work is actually the living room of my home.  It has one of those quirks from the 60’s where instead of installing an overhead light fixture, the architect decided to wire the light switch to one of the wall outlets.  For a table lamp, I suppose.

As it works out, the best place to plug in my computer, printer, and podcasting equipment is this very same outlet.

For years, this was never a problem.  I knew not to flip that switch.  A piece of black electrical tape served as a reminder.

Six months ago, I discovered these much more attractive switch covers during a recent pilgrimage to Home Depot.  (Yay for hardware stores!)

The trouble began almost immediately after replacing the electrical tape with the switch cover. It’s like catnip apparently.

Three times in the last 6 months, visitors have determined that the cover must mean “insert your finger into the tiny slot in the side of the cover and flip the switch just to see what happens.”

Seriously?  You really came to that conclusion?

In all fairness, I do take a little pleasure when the person sheepishly confesses to the crime. There is obviously some psychology involved in this that I just don’t understand.

I added the note above the switch yesterday, after the latest incident.

Please, resist the catnip next time.





7 thoughts on “I had to resort to this …

  1. Steve, this made me laugh… because just hours ago DH came in the house to find me using our trusty label machine, popping out labels one by one and labeling light switches… all over the house! It began in the guest room, since we were having a guest arriving this evening. I wanted our guest to know exactly which switch to flip for the lights, and which one would work the ceiling fan, etc. Ok, so I got a little carried away and started labeling switches all over the house!

    • Those label makers are addictive! I used one at the Newman Center once and found myself labeling all sorts of things.

  2. Honestly, did you really have to write a blog entry about this.

    I am glad that the note was written in monosyllabic words, otherwise I would have been lost.

    Seriously Scuba Steve, you are incredulous, but you should really be enjoying my problem solving skills of being able to route my finger all the way around case to turn the switch on and off a hundred times in one minute. It made a really cool sound with your equipment powering up and down so often.

    P.S. This is your worst blog entry . . . EVER!

    P.S.S. You need more light in your house, it’s like a haunted house going from room to room.

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