7 Quick Takes Friday – “Daddy”

And now for the news …


I’m very pensive about all the anti-American violence in the Middle East.  The death and destruction is deplorable and seems to be pushing the whole world closer to a precipice.  Part of what I feel is a real sadness for seemingly decent people who are being manipulated by evil radicals and terrorists.  They are being mislead and misinformed for political gain.


Part of what I feel is a real sadness for the decent American people who are being manipulated by our political parties.  They are being mislead and misinformed for political gain.


I found a new blog over at Patheos.com that I’m really digging.  Public Catholic is written by Rebecca Hamilton.  She’s an Oklahoman (yay!), a Catholic (yay!), and a pro-life Democrat (yay!  … what?).  Hamilton is a 16-year member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.   We will no doubt disagree about many political positions, but from what I’ve read so far, she and I are of like mind when it comes to our feelings for Oklahoma.


This post by Rebecca Hamilton is what caught my attention:  “Where I’m From, We Call Our Fathers Daddy” .  I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the men I grew up around when I was a kid.  Read this post and substitute “oil men” where she refers to “ranchers” and you have a good framework of my upbringing.  My dad, his colleagues and friends, and the men of our neighborhoods in Midland, Texas and Hobbs, New Mexico, were solid guys.  Most were WWII veterans, knew how to work with their hands, and were people that could be counted on.  Rather than calling someone in to fix a problem with the house, my dad would first give it a try himself, perhaps asking the other ‘bubs’ down at Sears for advice.  What that man could do with some dowels and a piece string was amazing.


Just like that, summer is over.  A cold front moved in a couple of days ago and the once 100 degree temps have been pushed down into the ’50s.  Rain has set in and I’m forced to admit that the lake is now too cold to swim.  Sigh.  In my book, fall and winter are seasons just to be endured until spring and summer return.    At least I can expect some pumpkin pie sometime soon.


In October I’m going to have the rare treat of attending a wedding at the Basilica at Notre Dame!  I love visiting that campus and the group of friends that will be there are some of the finest people I know.  A good time is expected.  It will also give me the chance to seek out the graves of my great-great-grandparents.   My gggf, Charles F. was a veteran of the 12th Indiana Volunteer regiment during the Civil War.  I have a copy of his diary but have never visited the cemetery where he, his wife Naomi, and other distant relatives are buried.  Seems fitting to visit since we are observing the 150th anniversary of that terrible conflict.


Prayers for Pope Benedict XVI as he visits Lebanon during this turbulent week.  Bishop Edward Slattery, of my home diocese, is on his way to join him there, so I’m equally concerned and prayerful.


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  1. Steve,
    Thank you for linking to Rebecca Hamilton’s blog post. It made me cry and appreciate my Mexican daddy for giving me the very best things a father can give his children: love of God and his time.

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