Walter’s Tale

This is Walter.  Say Hi!

Walter is a male cockatiel that belongs to my friends Andrew and Jessica.   I don’t remember how old Walter is, but he’s been Andrew’s pet at least 10 years I would guess.  He lived in St. Louis until about a year ago.

Last Christmas, Walter was a guest in my house for a week while Andrew and Jessica were away visiting family.  We bonded.  We shared Wheat Thins.

Five days ago, Walter flew away.  I never heard how it happened, but it was taken tragically by those that know him.   Walter has never been a free bird and it was doubtful that he would survive or be found.

Andrew and Jessica canvassed their neighborhood and actually located Walter in a tree a few blocks away.  That in itself was a miracle in my book.

Unfortunately, the professional tree climber they hired to scale the tree wasn’t able to capture Walter.  Off he flew again.    Sighted again and lost again.

Jessica’s Facebook timeline helps tell the rest of the story:

Walter flew away today. It’s been a very long day… 🙁 I really got attached to him over the last year.  April 21 at 8:17pm via mobile

Andrew and I went for a run this morning calling Walter’s name every few steps. Andrew said this is the last street and we will turn around. We called his name at the end of the street and he responded! We know which tree he is in. Now the wait to see when he will come down. This could be a very long week.  Sunday at 9:56am via mobile

Walter tried to come to both Andrew and I but the wind is so strong that he gets blown off course and now we can’t find him again…  Sunday at 3:22pm via mobile · 

No luck with Walter last night. We have now walked the entire neighborhood and no sign of him. Birdie, please come home. We miss you.  14 hours ago via mobile ·

Walter is home!!!!! He flew over 3 miles. Thankfully he is safe, but very tired. · 4 hours ago via mobile

He wound up around 51st and Yale. He was walking in the middle of the street last night while a couple were on their walk and they put a laundry basket on him for a cage over night. They took him to a vet this morning and Andrew got a call this afternoon. 3 hours ago via mobile

Walter, somehow, flew 3 miles across some of the busiest streets and expressways in town and was located by a couple just out walking.  They protected him and took him to a vet that also somehow was able to make the connection to Andrew.

What makes this story a little bit more miraculous is that we had some severe storms come through Tulsa early this morning.  There’s no telling how Walter would have fared if someone hadn’t taken him “under their wing”, so to speak.

I credit this homecoming to my pleas to both St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony that Walter would somehow be safely returned home.

Honestly, it probably shouldn’t have happened.  There must have been some Divine Assistance.

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