Superbolt of Lightning, Very Very Frightening


I had been having a rough night sleeping anyway.

Then about 3:30am, I was jolted out of sleep by something new.  It had been raining and thundering all night as it was, but I sensed something different was happening.

As I became fully awake, I knew that this particular thunder had been rolling across the city from west to east for a good 10 seconds.  As it passed my house, everything began to shake and the light fixture over my bed began to dance the hula.  No joke.  It sounded like it was ready to start dropping bits and pieces.

I started to wonder if this might actually be an earthquake, being so similar in sight and sound to the one experienced some months ago.

It took me a few seconds to focus on what was actually happening.  The ground was still, but everything else was shaking.

“Thunder-quake” some are calling it.  Apparently, it’s really a “super-bolt” of lightning, which occurs only 5 times out of a million bolts.

Thank God for that!  I don’t think my house would take too many of those.   Tomorrow I’m expecting reports of all sorts of psychotic animals and frayed nerves among the citizenry.

Here’s what the local news has to say about it.

Goodness, another weather phenomena to check off the list in Oklahoma.  It does keep things interesting.

2 thoughts on “Superbolt of Lightning, Very Very Frightening

  1. Ha.

    And yet you seem to love this state. I’d live in the state of disbelief, given the weather experiences from the last couple of years 😉

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