My Favorite iPhone App

I think it’s high time I shared with you my favorite iPhone app.  Yes, I’m a Mac guy and I have an iPhone – and I love it!

I’m also an amateur photographer and I’m always trying to find ways of taking better shots, particularly landscape or panoramic type shots.

Some months ago, I learned about an iPhone app called “Pro HDR.”   It’s a $1.99 app for either the iPhone or Android phones and, in my opinion, it’s well worth the money.

Basically, what it does is take two photos, one slightly over-exposed to highlight the colors in the image; and, one slightly under-exposed to bring out the shadows and contrast.  The software merges the two images to give a finished product that enhances the actual shot.

It does have some drawbacks in that it won’t work well if there is any movement in the shot.  This will cause a blurred image, or even a double image, obviously.  However, for the landscape type shots that I enjoy, where there is little or no movement, the shots are great.

Your shots also have to have some good contrast in it for it to work well.  If you notice from the shots below, I have good luck shooting at sunset when there are large clouds in the sky.   I get a kick out of those anyway and Pro HDR only makes them better.

For my money, this is a great app for bringing out the special in your iPhone camera.  Here are some of my recent shots using this app.