Once Upon Our Lives (1961-1966)

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In this latest installment of “Once Upon Our Lives,” we’ve finally reached 1961, the year yours truly makes his appearance.  Eighteen months later my little sister Stacey was born and our quintet of compadres was complete.

These were good years. Happy years.

Our family was prosperous and our summers were filled with trips to Six Flags, Grand Lake in Oklahoma, Big Bend National ParkMonahans Sand Dunes and visits to our family in Tulsa.

We also indulged my mother’s love of animals.  It seems like we were always playing with one sort of animal or another.  Dogs, llamas, horses, donkeys, chickens, lambs, … it really didn’t seem to matter!

We made our home in Monument, New Mexico, just outside of Hobbs where I was born, but soon moved to Midland, Texas where we lived for the next 8 years.

Some of these photos bring back very good memories.  I particularly like my Batman-themed 5th birthday!

These were freer times too.  Honestly, who these days lets a 7-year old drive their boat with an outboard motor?

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  1. Wow…talk about bringing back memories…that bedspread, the Halloween masks…how long did we use them…ick! Is that Bonnie as a puppy? How sweet!

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