Our Lady of Perpetual Hope

Some of you have asked how you can help with my upcoming trip to Haiti.   Here’s a great way!

The patron saint of Haiti is Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Notre Dame de Bon Secours).  If you happen to read this entry on the date of its posting, you can join me in a novena of prayer in support of the people of Haiti and for the safety of our trip.  We will arrive in Haiti nine days from today.

The novena, and more information about Our Lady of Perpetual Help, can be found here. Additional information can also be found over at saints.sqpn.com.

Incidentally, I happened upon the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Hope accidentally one day in Rome 3 years ago.  As I recall, I was walking down the street when I passed the Church of St. Alphonsus.  I think it sits above the street by a number of steps and as I passed, the doors were open and I could see the icon in an alcove or side altar, from where I stood on the street.  It drew me in and I spent a few minutes in the church before the image.  I’ve had a devotion to Her since then.

(As of late last night, after a group meeting and a phone conversation with people currently at the mission, WE ARE A GO FOR OUR VISIT NEXT WEEK!)