Reefer Madness -or- How to tie your shoes

When I saw this video, I knew I would have to blog about it.  My last couple of entries have been rather serious in tone, so I thought something lighter was in order.

One of the most endearing memories I have of my dad is his teaching me how to tie my shoes.  I was in kindergarten and needed to be able to show Sr. Stephana I could tie my own shoes and thus earn the coveted gold star on my report card.

It seems that I tie my shoes backwards from my dad.  I clearly remember him sitting in front of me and showing me his tying technique.  I apparently mimicked him perfectly but in mirror image.  Nonetheless, it has been working for me all these years.

After watching this video though, I was a little bit paranoid about my shoe tying ability.  Was I a granny or a reefer?

I am happy and relieved to announce that I’m a reefer and shall continue to have tight shoe knots.

One thought on “Reefer Madness -or- How to tie your shoes

  1. Thank you, Steve Nelson. That was the equivalent of asking a golfer if he inhales or exhales on the swing.

    I’m going to have to wear pumps and loafers the rest of the week.

    I blame: YOU!

    Have a nice day.

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